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Teach me, O God, a blessing, a prayer
on the mystery of a withered leaf,
on ripened fruit so fair,
to breathe, to know, to hope, to despair.

Teach my lips a blessing, a hymn of praise,
as each morning and night
You renew Your days,
lest my day be today as the one before;
lest routine set my ways.  (Lamdeini, Elohai; Mishkan T'filah)

We invite you to worshipwith us.  See the Calendar for the schedule of services.

GSJC uses Mishkan T'filah for Shabbat and Festial services and for the High Holy Days, Mishkan HaNefesh.

Morning and Bedtime Rituals for Children

in Blessings
From the Union's publications, Wake-Up Rituals: Crafting Jewish Tradition for Young Childrenand Jewish Bedtime Ritualsproduced by the Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning.UPON WAKINGModeh Ani is the traditional prayer to be said by children. Hold your child…