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From August 20-24, three of the members of our youth group, JUICY, went to NFTY Northeast's Summer Institute. Our youth group members JUICY2Dana Baxter, Hannah Hale, and Aaron Baxter attended this event, and enjoyed it immensely.
This event was filled with five days of peer led programs, services, friends, and fun.
The theme of the programs for this institute was TIME. This theme was thought of by the five "overalls," who are five seniors chosen by the Northeast Regional Board to write programs for the event. The services were written by ten juniors who were also chosen by the regional board. There were also a few programs led by faculty, adults who are rabbis or youth group advisors.
JUICY members loved this event, made many new friends, and had some great experiences.

President - Dana Baxter
Vice President, Social Action - Sophie Hale
Vice President, Religious Cultural - Andrew Baxter
Secretary - Hannah Hale
Treasurer - Jack Hale
NFTY Rep - Aaron Baxter

NFTY-Northeast is comprised of nearly 1000 members from 50 active Temple Youth Groups (TYGs) spanning Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate New York and Montreal, Canada. We are one of 19 regions that make up NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth), the youth movement of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ - formerly the Union of American Hebrew Congregations).
We strive to provide regional and national programming and administrative support to our TYGs, helping to share the wisdom and experience gathered from hundreds of youth groups and adult leaders from across North America. The leadership of NFTY-Northeast is always available to support local efforts, whether through program and calendar suggestions, organizational assistance, or anything else that may make a local youth program successful. Please take the time to explore our website; it is full of countless resources and lots of ruach!


GSJC Youth Attend NFTY-NE December Institute

From December 26-30 NFTY North-East held their annual December Institute for high school students in participating Reform Temple Youth Groups all throughout the region. Dana, Andrew, and Aaron Baxter were the JUICY members that participated in this five-day event which took place at Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Each institute has a meaningful theme which is discussed all throughout the event during programs and services. The theme of this particular institute was heroes. The students were asked questions about and learned about many different types of heroes including Biblical heroes, super heroes, everyday heroes, civil rights heroes and many more. Students learned what makes a hero, the responsibilities of a hero and most importantly that anyone can be a hero no matter their background. They also learned about attributes that they believe are heroic, and the differences between a hero and a heroic act. As well as discussing these topics, students also participated in peer led services. There were ten services over the course of the five days. These services also had their own themes which ranged from friendship, to colors and their meanings, to having a clean slate.
The December Institute was also a great way to meet and become friends with other Reform Jews in surrounding states. It really brings everyone together and there is a real sense of belonging, not just because everyone shares a religion but also in the sense that you can really just be yourself and not have to worry about how others will look at you. NFTY-NE is such an amazing, safe, and welcoming community. The experiences, memories, and friends we have gotten there will last a lifetime.

Below - NFTY Youth on Bus to Camp Eisner for NFTY-NE December Institute 2013

NYFTY-NE Institute

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