Adult Education

GSJC offers Adult Education sessions during the year, led by the Rabbi. The following is the upcoming schedule.  All sessions are from 2:00- 4:00pm at Southington’s First Congregational Church and via zoom.

For more information and the Zoom link, please email Rabbi Alana Wasserman at

– January 29: Lesser-Known People of the Torah.

Have you ever come across a name you didn’t recognize when studying Torah? There are so many people in our sacred texts; some are more well-known than others. In this class, we will shine a spotlight on some of these lesser-known individuals, and learn about the significant role they played in the history of our people. We will learn about Shifra and Pu’ah, Bilhah and Zilpah, Serach bat Asher, and

– March 26: Judaism and God.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion, meaning that we believe in the one God. In this class, we will discuss what Judaism teaches us about God. We will learn about the thirteen attributes of God, and the many different names of God. Everyone in this class will be given an opportunity to share their own personal thoughts and beliefs as well.

– June 25: A book discussion of The 100 Most Jewish Foods: A Highly Debatable List by Alana Newhouse.

In Judaism, food is more than just nourishment for our bodies; it’s sustenance for our souls. At the Passover seder, the different foods symbolize different aspects of our journey from slavery to freedom. At Chanukah, we eat foods fried in oil to remind us of the miracle of the oil. Food reminds us of our history, our ancestors, our heritage. The 100 Most Jewish Foods: A Highly Debatable List, by Alana Newhouse, does not merely list one hundred Jewish foods; “It’s a list of the most significant foods culturally and historically to the Jewish people, explored deeply with essays, recipes, stories, and context,”.

Please check back for information on future events.

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