GSJC Volunteers to Pack Bags for Dignity Grows

On June 6th, volunteers from Gishrei Shalom packed toiletry bags for those in need in Southington and the greater Hartford area.  We raised the money to pack 80 bags!

Dignity Grows Packing Party
Dignity Grows Packing Party

Family Promise — Social Action Program

Beginning in 2017/5777, GSJC is partnering with the First Congregational Church to support the Family Promise Program.

The Family Promise Interfaith Hospitality Network program provides a way for churches and synagogues to work together to help homeless families. Each congregation participating in the Network provides overnight lodging and meals for three to five families (up to 14 persons) for one week each two or three months on a rotating basis. Network “guests” stay in each congregation from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00a.m. daily. Each morning guests are taken to the day center where they meet with the Network director, care for pre­ school children, make phone calls and seek housing and employment.

The first Host Week for FCC/GSJC begins on April 23rd.  For more information email president@gsjc or call (860) 267-9113 and check out


Social Action Project for 5775

Southington LogoGSJC has decided to support Southington Community Services (SCS) and help our local neighbors in need.  We want to do this in two ways – one for items that they need, and the other in monetary donations that will benefit their fuel relief fund.  SCS serves almost 500 families each month,  which works out to about 1000 people.  Approximately 35% of those served are children, and more than 40% are seniors.

Food always requested:

•tuna fish •canned meats •cereal •peanut butter
•jelly •juice •pasta •pasta sauce
•macaroni and cheese •soup •children’s snacks

Non-food items are also needed:

•shampoo •conditioner •soap
•toothpaste •toothbrushes •lotions
•shaving supplies •laundry detergent •other household cleaning supplies

A box has been set up in the hallway outside the GSJC office at the First Congregational Church for donations to be dropped off.  Please start picking up the items listed above and dropping them off when you can.  We will accumulate the donations to bring to SCS at the end of March.

The other focus we have is SCS’s energy assistance program.  Gas, oil and electricity bills climb in the winter, and unless certain conditions are met, the utility companies can turn off service for non-payment.  Even though some state statutes prevent shutoffs in the winter, back payments accrue and shutoffs can be affected in the spring.  Fuel relief funds such as the one in Southington help families struggling to keep their utilities on make payments to the companies.   Utility shut offs are highly correlated with other issues of poverty, educational achievement, and health indicators in children.  The bottom line is that there are people in our backyard who have to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families, and we can help make a difference in their lives.

If you would like to make a donation towards the fuel relief fund, please make your check out to GSJC and send it to Robyn so we can consolidate it into one donation to the fund.

GSJC Volunteers Serve Christmas Dinner at Bread for Life

On December 25th, volunteers from Gishrei Shalom served Christmas Dinner at Bread for Life in Southington. This has become an annual event on the part of GSJC so that Christian volunteers can enjoy the Christmas holiday.