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    Join Tuesday evenings through August 4th to engage with authors, filmmakers & lecturers from around the world! Be sure to check the Voices of Hope website to register and for regular updates.

    A Virtual Festival of Yiddish Culture

    Sponsored by Jewish Hartford European Roots Project and UCONN Center for Judaic Studies. See website for information and to register.

    January 6 – #JewishandProud

    Amid a rash of attacks against American Jews in recent weeks – and a larger trend of violent anti-Semitism in America – Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is inviting Episcopalians to join him in supporting a social media visibility campaign and expressing solidarity with the Jewish people.

    “On Jan. 6, Jews around the world are expressing their Jewish identity using #JewishandProud. I invite everyone who follows Jesus and his way of love to stand with our Jewish brothers, sisters and siblings,” Curry said in a statement to Episcopal News Service.

    The American Jewish Committee, the advocacy organization also known as AJC, is organizing #JewishandProud Day on Jan. 6 as a response to the recent attacks, including the killing last month of four people at a kosher grocery store in Jersey City, New Jersey and the stabbing last week of five people at a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, New York.

    “Enough is enough. We will not shy away from publicly displaying, celebrating our Jewish identity and faith,” said AJC CEO David Harris in an announcement for the campaign. “The most visible of our brethren, Jews who are easily identifiable because they proudly wear yarmulkes and traditional clothing, have become the number one targets, but if any Jew anywhere is attacked for being a Jew, we must all respond in total support and solidarity,” said Harris.

    So, for #JewishandProud Day, AJC is encouraging Jews around the world to wear items of clothing that “exhibit [their] Jewishness publicly and proudly” – such as a kippah or anything with Hebrew or Jewish symbols on it – and post a photo to social media using the hashtag #JewishandProud, with a sentence or two explaining why they are proud to be Jewish. AJC also offers a sign that participants can print and display.

    #JewishandProud Day is not only for Jews who want to express their pride, but also for non-Jews who wish to show solidarity.

    “People who are not Jewish also are encouraged to participate, posting photos and comments in support of the Jewish community in this perilous time, and sharing on what they will be doing in 2020 to support the Jewish community,” AJC wrote in its announcement.


Below are links for resources providing Information about Jewish news, activities and programs in the greater Hartford/Connecticut area.

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Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford

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