Friday Evening Shabbat Services

Friday Evening Shabbat Services are held on selected Friday nights at 7pm, 37 South Main Street in the  Chapel of the First Congregational Church in Southington.  Services are followed by an Oneg Shabbat.  You are invited to join us.

Please check the Calendar for dates of Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat Services.

First Congregational Church members joined our Shabbat Service!
Service with the First Congregational Church congregationService with the First Congregational Church congregation

Shabbat Oneg
Shabbat Oneg


March 1, 2019 Shabbat Across America

Delicious Ice Cream Cake!
Rabbi Lighting Candles
Some of the Attendees
Delicious Potluck dinner
Int’l Shabbat Article
Int’l Shabbat Pictures


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